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Filmmaker's email:

Film and Video distributors

a) All films are with Canadian Filmmakers' Distribution Centre, Toronto
Tel#: 416 588-0725; email address:

b) All videos are with VTape, Toronto
Tel#: 416 351-1317; email address:

c) In Europe: some films are with LightCone, Paris
tel#: 01 46 59 01 53; Email address:
and some early films are with LUX, London (formerly London Filmmakers Coop)
Email address:

d) The CDROM is for sale through VTape, Toronto (as above)
and Agence Topo, Montreal email address:

DVD Sale

DVD containing the films Burning, Opus40, Transitions, and Like a Dream that Vanishes along with educational publication by Barbara Godard is available from Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre. For other DVD inquiries contact the filmmaker.









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